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Jameela Magic Cream 60 grams
The latest results is Jameela Magic Cream, a cream for all your skin needs. Jameela Magic Cream is a MULTI ACTIVE SKIN CARE that brings the best tenderness to all types of ski normal, dry, oily or complex skin. It contains the best intensive care for acne, dark spot, blemishes, wrinkles and other skin impurties.

Jameela Beauty Soap 135 grams
Jameela beauty Soap made from pure vegetable oil, blended with collagen which helps to promote skin hydration, by its high water binding potentials. Plus tyrostat. A natural skin whitening agent which reduces the formation of unwanted pigmentation and reduces the appearance of age spot.


Today's Specials

Buy 5 pieces of Jameela Magic Cream 60 grams Get Free 1 Jameela Beauty Soap 135 grams



Today's Specials

Super Save!!! Jameela Magic Cream 60 grams & Jameela Beauty Soap 135 grams.. Beauty Pack Set