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Amira Magic Cream 60 grams
Amira Magic Cream Helps illuminate skin while you sleep and which performs its own even under the sun. It is not only for your beautiful face, but also for your beautiful body, designed for unique uses and benefits - whitens your underarm while eliminating body odor, eliminates stretch marks and whitening inguinal area. It is formulated with real magic whitening complex to effetively lighten dark skin, blemishes, freckles discoloration and even pimples and scars.

Active ingredients:
Leukocyte extract, chamomile recutita extract, ethylhexyl mothoxycinnamate, buty methoxydibenzoymethane, phenoxyethanol, glycerin, carboner, perfume and agua.

Amira Magic Cream 15 grams


The Amira Magic Cream is mixture based on the ingredients that proven to be safe and effective. The percentage of every ingredients is well-measured by dermatologist. Some customers, however, may experience allergic reaction to some of the natural components.

Amira Magic Soap 135 grams
Amira Magic Soap has been proven to be gentle and effective whitening soap for all types of skin. It has natural extract that gently exfoliate and cleanse the outer layer of the skin, removing dirt and blemishes

Amira Magic Placenta Soap 135g
Amira Magic Placenta Soap is proven for it's anti-wrinkle and whitening effect for all type of skin. It prevent further wrinkle formation and lightens pigmentation and dark spots. It has a natural extract that cleanse and exfoliate the skin.

Amira Magic Clarifying Toner 100ml
Amira Magic Clarifying Toner has natural extracts that smoothens and prevents skin tone by minimizing pore size and exerting a skin tightening effect. While stable and bioactive, Vitamins C and E result in more supple dermal matrix. Advance formulation magnets moisture from ambient hair to help maintain water balance on the skin surface and prevents drying up.
Directions: After washing face using Amira Soap, gently wipe on Amira Magic Clarifying Toner on face with cotton ball for a “fuller” and more supple skin. Avoid contact with eyes.

Amira Magic Lotion 120ml
Amira Magic Lotion it has a triple active formula composed of biosynthesis compound alpine plant extracts and vitamins that offer more effective, factor and safer way to lighten skin and block formation of color producing melanin. It also contains a high level of UV radiation absorbers and antioxidant