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Jiaoli Miraculous Day & Night Spot Removing Cream

Jiaoli Miraculous Cream is prepared from Chinese traditional medicine. made with special technique, the cream can improve the skin of the face, quickly penetrating into the deeper part of the skin. Therefore it can invigorate the circulation of the blood, dispel melanin gradually an remove harmful substance from the skin so that the skin will become clean, rosy, and healthy.


Jiaoli heals the skin. Quickly and thoroughly removes pigment and whitens the skin. It has special effect on removing skin ulcer, melanin, brown skin, freckles, brown speckles, pregnant pigment wrinkles and sunlight-proof.  


Jiaoli Anti-Spot Renewal Soap 100 grams

JIAOLI SOAP (100g)Jiaoli soap washes away excess oils & dirts leaving your skin clean, fresh and younger looking